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$69.99 Basketball Jersey Set. Fully Custom Sublimated

Reversible jersey and Shorts. Shipped and Delivered in 2 weeks. (discounts for larger orders)

We Offer Sublimated Basketball Uniforms Louisville & Surrounding Area’s, Custom Basketball Jerseys, & Reversible Basketball Uniforms.

Custom Basketball Jerseys

History how we started. We are a Basketball Program based in Louisville Kentucky for Grades K through 8th Grade. So we have Teams that ALWAYS need uniforms. Like Most Coaches we Were ordering our Uniforms from a Local Sporting Goods Store. The Uniforms would be Badger or C2 Sports Etc. Basketball Uniforms Louisville. The Sporing Goods Store would just Print the Names and Numbers on the uniforms for us which is fine. Typically Cost 50-60$ a set for the uniform and the printing. What we experienced was the Printed or Heat Press Letters and numbers would not last as Long or Look as Good as other uniforms. So we Like Many Programs Looked for Sublimated uniforms. OR where the Ink is actually part of the Material in the uniform. This Looks Much Better and Allows for far more Styles and Custom looks. But is a lot more expensive (So we thought). If you order Custom Adidas or Nike Sublimated Basketball Uniforms You can expect to Pay $100 up to 175$ depending on Reversible or Single Sided PER SET. Also it typically take 3-6 Weeks to get them back from a Sporting goods store or Direct from Retailer or Big box Providers like East-bay. Then one day I watched How these uniforms were made. The most Expensive Uniforms were the Custom Sublimated uniforms, and these were printed out using a Sublimation Printer (Think BIG PRINTER). The designs were made in a software program. and they were printed out. Afterwards it was All Sewn together and Stitched. I had that Light Bulb Moment. We could definitely do that for our teams. So we Did. (And have been for 3 years) We Took one of our Very nice Adidas Custom Uniforms Made some Templates from it. Hired a Sewing Company. And were easily reproducing our Custom Basketball Jerseys for Half the cost. And for Half the Amount of time. Basketball Uniforms Louisville | Lexington | South Oldham | North Oldham | Spencer | Shelby Counties

Basketball Uniforms in Louisville Kentucky

We have decided to Share this with Everyone else. Keep in mind you need to Like our Style Uniform (Stitching). As we will not Change That. But We can Make any Design you want. Best Part is it will only be $69.99 Fully Custom, Reversible jersey and Shorts. Shipped and Delivered in 2 weeks. (discounts for larger orders)

Feel Free to Contact me if your in Louisville Area. I will let you check out our Custom Uniforms before you buy them. I promise you wont regret it


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