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SPRING 2021 Mid-America & J-town League Team Tryouts


Spring & Summer Youth Basketball League in East Louisville | Youth Basketball League Near Me

Boys Spring summer basketball near louisville


We will Use this League as a Feeder/ Proving Ground For our Spring and Summer AAU Teams. In February we will begin Tryouts For Spring/Summer AAU teams.

Register as an Individual to TRYOUT to make a team.

Players from Bullet, Oldham ,Spencer, Shelby, Nelson, Washington,  and Jefferson Counties.

2 Levels of Teams   Tryout to be placed on  team. Not everyone makes a team.   1st Team will play in MidAmerica Friday night League 2nd teams will play in Jtown Weekend League.

8-10 week Season Depending on Team.  Practice 1 night per week  90 minutes   2 60 min skills camps per 8 weeks. 6-7 games plus season ending Tournament.

includes custom Sublimated AllStar Uniform

Boys Tryouts are Tuesdays in February Location is Midamerica East.

Girls Tryouts are Last weekend of January Locations are Vanguard Academy and Delta Gym

summer schedule based on spring leagues performance 


*Training & Coaching Provided By Shooler Prep Academy.

Cost is $300

Location: MidAmerica East 2401 Stanley Gault Parkway, Louisville or Vanguard Academy in Norton Commons. Some training done at Schooler Prep Academy in Portland.


Contact. or 502-275-9459


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