We’re excited to provide this 5 day youth and middle school camp in Louisville, Kentucky that focuses on developing the complete player. You will develop shooting, ball handling, passing, footwork, defense, rebounding, athleticism, and other essential skills to become a great a basketball player.

Select Sundays at Mid-America East on Stanley Gault Parkway in East Louisville Kentucky

Fall & Winter Basketball Training

Cost: $25 Per Clinic or 100$ Per Session Pack  (Includes 5 1hour Clinics)
2 Sessions (Fall & Winter)

Session 1 : Dates: September 15th, 22nd. October 13, 27th, November 24th
Session 2  Dates  December 1st, 8th, January 19th, 26th, February 16th

Fall Basketball Training in Louisville Kentucky

What You’ll Learn:

You will learn the techniques and skill needed to become a great shooter.You will learn the essential skills to becoming a great ball handler… no fluff.You will learn how to make more lay ups.You will learn how to become a defensive stopper and rebounding machine.You will learn the critical components of basketball IQ required to become a great offensive player from an individual and team aspect.We will teach you all of the critical skills and concepts that coaches love and help players excel. Fall Basketball Teaching & Instruction

Ball Handling

Stationary ball handling routine that improve rhythm, feel, and coordination with the basketball.Dribbles move to help you blow by the defense at will.Critical progressions to ensure that your dribble moves are effective and explosive.


How to position your feet and align your body to increase the chance of shooting the ball straight.A form shooting routine that almost every great shooter has utilized that can be done at home.Proper footwork and how to develop a quick release.How to shoot game shots from game spots at game speeds.

Lay Ups / Finishing

Finishing techniques used to reduce turnovers and make more shots.1 on 1 finishing drills that ingrain good habits while competing in a fun way.


How to cut and get open. You will learn v-cuts, basket cuts, l-cuts, backdoor cuts, and more.How to attack down screens, back screens, and more. 

Defense and Rebounding

How to improve quickness and play better on-ball defense.How to improve speed with hip-turns, push step, and better movement fundamentals.5 fundamental keys to effective close-outs.How position away from the ball and be a great team defensive player.How to effectively box out your man every time.


How to use your feet to gain a better position to score from almost anywhere on the floor.How to utilize front pivots, reverse pivots, step throughs, sweeps, drop steps, and hops to make you an elite player.


Improve hand eye-coordination and passing skills with the Steve Nash passing series.Competitive passing drills to develop game-like passing with head and pass fakes.


Mid-America East, 2401 Stanley Gault Parkway Louisville Kentucky


5:00 – 6:00pm 1st – 4th — 6:00 -7:00pm 5th – 8th 6:00 -7:00pm 5th – 8th

Ball Handling & Finishing Camp

The Fall Basketball Training Series in Louisville is a Hybrid “Shooting” and “Ball handling & Finishing” Camp. Primary Focus on Ball Handling and Ball Handling Under Pressure. This camp is for ALL ages,  Both boys & girls are welcome.

Contact 502-275-9459 TEAMELITEKY@GMAIL.COM