Youth Basketball Leagues in Louisville Kentucky. Spring 2020 Individual League Registration is Now OPEN

If you are looking for a Youth Basketball League in the Louisville Kentucky Area you have come to the right place. This Guide will walk you through all of the league options available.

League Types

Youth Basketball League near me

Individual There are 2 Main Types of youth basketball Leagues found in the Louisville area. Individual & Team. Te First type is Individual Leagues mean you join as a Individual Players, These are typically Recreational Level Leagues. Signups will Open about 30-60 days before the League Begins. After Signups End Players will Typically be required to attend a Evaluation. This Evaluation is an Open practice where coaches are watching. Coaches will make notes about players and Prepare to Draft there team afterwards. Players are then either Drafted by Coaches or Placed on a team by the Director(s)

Our Individual League Stars in Late February for Evaluations, Practice Starts in March. Games are April May and Fist week of June. Registration is Open in January

Team The Second type of youth basketball League in Louisville is the Team League. This is a League where coaches sign there already formed teams up. Teams are typically AAU, Travel, Club , and Sometimes School Teams are also Participating. The League that these Teams Join also Separates the talent levels. Not all Leagues are Equal in Louisville.

Leagues in Louisville

Mid-America Sports Center Mid-America Youth basketball League in Louisville operates 2 TEAM Leagues at 2 Different Locations and runs Year-Round with Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasons. Diviions for Every Grade Not Combined. Located at 1906 Watterson Trail & 2401 Stanley Gault Pkwy. The “OPEN” League typically Operates on Sundays and “EAST” League Typically operates on Friday Nights. Each league is inside the Mid-America Gyms and Sometimes use either of the gyms but they are Different in Competitive level.

Typically the “OPEN” League showcases Regional and even Nationally Ranked AAU Teams. Most of the teams that appear here are purely Competitive Teams to the extent that alot of the players on these teams Play for Multiple Teams.

The “EAST” League Showcases Local Competitive and Developmental Teams. Divisions are 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8 Combined– Appearing here are Teams that Come from Schools, Local Development Academies, and Small Local AAU Teams. Sometimes Regional or National AAU teams Enter this League but it is not typical as the level is not Suited for them.

Jeffersontown Youth Basketball League | Jtown League in Louisville Ky operates 2 Seasons. A Winter Individual League and a Spring/Summer Team & Individual League. This League is Very Well Run. Has 2 small Courts Located in the Bluebird Gyms in Jtown. The Spring / Summer Team Portion of their League even Allow for Recreation OR Competitive Divisions. Divisions are 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8 Combined. Joining the Recreation Level is typically reserved for the Individual Players that join the League and Younger teams that are either playing up or are Developmental. The Competitive Divisions is typically composed of the Older teams for there Division… Meaning 2nd, 4th, 6th and *th grade Teams. Where the younger teams are either high-level AAU teams or Playing in Older Rec Division.

More League info to Come. If you are Looking for Youth Basketball Leagues in Louisville check back later.

Our Bluegrass Stars Program has Teams that Participate in each of these Leagues in All Divisions