If you are Looking for Youth Basketball Teams near you, and you have questions on how to Find & Select the best Program. You have come to the right place. Below are some 3 Things to help you select a Youth Basketball Team Close to you.

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  • Organization & Scheduling.
    • Ensure the Team or Program has a Consistent Gym, Coaching, and League to play in
  • Coaching
    • Ask about Coaches, what there background & philosophy is. Playing time rules. I tend to prefer non-parent coaches unless the Coach has a proven track record for being Fair, and has a coaching background with youth sports. We Tend to prefer Man too Man Offense and Defensive training and Concepts.
  • Development
    • Player Development is more than just playing games. Ensure your Team or Program has dedicated Skills Training Sessions so that your player can work on fundamentals as well as Team Practice and games. Development also means ensuring your on a team where your player gets touches. All players need to get plenty of Practice Reps and Game reps. If your joining a team that already has 7 or 8 players ahead of your player. His/Her development will be Slowed. Try to find a Program where your player is in the top 6 players. Remember Players all develop at different time. Relative Age plays a HUGE part of Youth Sports. You can read more about relative age in a book called Outliers https://psychcentral.com/blog/the-relative-age-effect-in-sports-its-complicated/ ALSO Developmental Age. (Where a Player might be 9 but Developmentally Advanced to a 10 or 11 year old. and Vice Versa. All of these things Dominate Pre Pubescent Sports. But Stay the Course, Don’t Compare your player to a more Developed player (relative or Physical), I promise when They Hit puberty things start to even out.

How to Find a Youth Basketball Team near me

Beyond these three things. I strongly believe finding a Location close to home is Key. The easier it is to get to and from the gym makes it really easy for your player to practice and train. Another Key item is Having fun. If your Player is not having fun then Look for a different program. The game of basketball should be enjoyed by all Kids. If it is work for them they will never achieve the level skill they could if they were in a different program having fun.

Try to Balance the Leagues your player is in allowing time for school teams and Pick up / Rec leagues. Alot of parents move on to travel or AAU basketball Exclusively way too early (In my opinion). Please find a few months a year for your players to participate in Local Leagues even REC leagues. I think playing up should be considered if your players skill level is very advanced, but give them time to just have fun and play.

I hope this helps you find a Team for your basketball player to find near you if you need any help or would like to join the Bluegrass Stars basketball Program please contact Coach Cissell

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Practice 2x week with one being Skills only Practice